AnoxKaldnes™ MBBR


Aktiver Biofilmträger mit optimalen Bakterienkulturen für die kommunale und industrielle Abwasserbehandlung.

AnoxKaldnes™ MBBR-Systeme (Bewegtbett-Biofilmreaktoren) sind aktive Biofilmträger mit optimalen Bakterienkulturen für die Abwasserbehandlung. AnoxKaldnes™ MBBR ist kompakt, einfach zu bedienen und hocheffizient bei der Entfernung von biochemischem Sauerstoffbedarf (BSB), Ammoniak und Stickstoff. Das System bietet zahlreiche Vorteile wie z. B. ein flexibles Reaktorendesign, einfachen Betrieb und leichte Bedienbarkeit sowie Schwachlast in der Verfahrensstufe der Partikelabscheidung.

Die AnoxKaldnes™ MBBR-Lösungen sind optimal für:

  • Neue Anlagen, insbesondere bei geringem Platzangebot und Bedarf an einfachem Betrieb
  • Die Entfernung von Biochemischem/Chemischem Sauerstoffbedarf und Stickstoff
  • Den Einsatz eines vorgeschalteten Hochlastsystems vor einer bestehenden biologischen Abwasserbehandlung
  • Die Erhöhung der Menge der Nitrifizierer in bestehenden Belebtschlammanlagen
  • Die Implementierung einer Nachbehandlung in vorhandenen Anlagen für Prozessoptimierungen
Technologien für sichere, umweltverträgliche Abwasserbehandlungssysteme und Kläranlagen.
Umfassende Wassermanagementlösungen für die Rückgewinnung und Wiederverwendung von Prozess- und Abwasser.
Energieeffiziente Abwasserbehandlungstechnologien zur Rückgewinnung von Wertstoffen und Einhaltung von Umweltauflagen.


AnoxKaldnes™ MBBR (767.36 KB)

In an AnoxKaldnes MBBR delivery package, commissioning and start-up assistance can be included after the installation of aerators and effluent screens is completed.

Our experienced personnel provides guidance and assist in aeration pipe installation to provide optimal mixing of carriers and oxygen. An MBBR reactor is normally equipped with oxygen, temperature, level and pH sensors. During the commissioning, the instruments are calibrated and put in operation.


Start-up and Training

After the plant has been hydraulically tested, the start-up phase takes place.

AnoxKaldnes experts can visit the facility to teach microbiology, describe the plant in detail, start up philosophy, normal operation and troubleshooting. An operation manual is delivered during the training.

Training assistance can also be provided to existing plants with new operators or as a stage in an optimization process.



Once a plant is in operation, AnoxKaldnes can provide troubleshooting if needed. Experts from AnoxKaldnes visit the plant, go through the operation data, discuss with operators, analyze and test if necessary.

After that, a report is written where optimization advices are given for better operation of the plant.



  • Pioneering and in-depth knowledge of theoretical and practical aspects of Projects.
  • Know-how in hardware, operations and maintenance of biological wastewater treatment plants.
  • Resources of a global Company AND the flexibility of a local partner.




Expertise in microbiological treatment processes

AnoxKaldnes provides a comprehensive set of tools and services to develop, optimize and troubleshoot biological treatment processes. The core is a deep knowledge of microbiological degradation processes, quality assured testing and analysis, as well as many years of experience in the biological treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater and biogas processes.


Continuous Bench-scale Simulations

With AnoxKaldnes bench-scale simulations, tailor-made processes can be developed for complex wastewaters. Our long and wide experience from bench-scale testing gives us an advantage in operation and evaluation of the tests. Although, our tests are made on a routinely basis, every test is unique with different questions to answer. The focus on each test is the client’s needs.


Simulation of biological treatment process

The general degradability of a wastewater can easily be assessed in a batch test, but the true performance of a full-scale plant can only be evaluated in a continuous flow test where almost all operational parameters can be simulated. A bench-scale simulation is a fast and easy way to gain information about the true biodegradability of the wastewater. The selected microorganisms are the same whether they are cultured in a volume of one litre or thousands of cubic meters.

In our lab we have the expertise and all equipment ready to start up a new bench-scale test within a few days after receiving the wastewater. The volumes of the reactors are chosen from 250 ml to 5 L depending on the characteristics of the wastewater. Temperature, pH and oxygen concentration are controlled within the acceptable ranges for the specific test. Status reports are delivered at request and the results from the test are presented in a final report.

AnoxKaldnes bench-scale testing can be used for:

  • Assessment of long-term biodegradability
  • Design verification
  • Process optimization
  • Trouble-shooting



Bench-scale trials based on MBBR technology

For wastewaters that contain organic compounds that are toxic or difficult to degrade, MBBR is an advantageous biological process. In the biofilm it is possible to develop a specific microflora, adapted to grow on specific compounds.

In several cases, AnoxKaldnes continuous bench-scale trials have shown that seemingly non- degradable organic compounds can be efficiently removed in an MBBR process with an adapted biofilm. Toxic compounds that have proven to be biologically degraded in MBBR processes are for example cyanide, formaldehyde and chlorophenols.

Characteristics determined:

  • Wastewater biodegradability
  • Organic load
  • Retention time
  • Sludge characteristics
  • Nutrient removal
  • Nutrient dosage
  • Effect of process disturbances


Over the years we gained a vast experience of examining different industrial wastewaters, such as:

  • Pulp & Paper
  • Chemical
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Leachates
  • De-icing
  • Mining
  • Power



Bench-scale simulation of other biological treatment process

Other types of biological processes, such as activated sludge processes, can also be simulated, either in combination with MBBR process or as a stand-alone process.


Bench-scale simulation of biogas processes

AnoxKaldnes has long experience of performing continuous trials of biogas processes (sludge or co-digestion), which can be used for instance for optimization and to investigate biogas yields and quality of digestate. The trials are tailor-made to simulate the full-scale of choice.


Accredited LAB / GLP


AnoxKaldnes laboratory offers GLP compliant and accredited tests. This means that all analyses can be performed according to OECD's Guidelines for Good Laboratory Practice. In addition, the laboratory is compliant with the European chemicals legislation REACH and the European Medicines Agency (EMA).


In the AnoxKaldnes accredited lab, we have the experience and tools to provide full:

  • Inhibition tests

  • Biodegradation tests

  • Water analyses

AnoxKaldnes Hybas™

Hybas™ und Hybas Fusion™ bieten eine Kombination aus Belebtschlamm- und MBBR-Verfahren (Bewegtbett-Biofilmreaktor) zur Eliminierung von Stickstoff.